Trying to Quit your Phone Addiction?App for that

Phone Addiction We’re squandering increasing amounts of time distracted by our phones. And that’s taking a serious toll on our mental and physical well-being.

Perhaps ironically, software developers themselves have been at the forefront of efforts to solve this problem by creating apps that aim to help users disconnect from their devices. Some apps reward you for staying off your phone for set periods of time. Others “punish” or block you from accessing certain sites or activities altogether.

But over the past year, Apple has been removing or restricting some of the top screen time or parental control apps from its App Store, according to a New York Times analysis. At the same time, Apple – which cited privacy concerns for removing the apps – launched its own screen-time tracker that comes pre-installed on new iPhones.

Limiting iPhone users’ access to other types of apps is a bad thing because certain ones may work better for some people than others. And research by myself and others shows that excessive technology use can be problematic. In extreme cases, it is linked to depression, accidents, and even death.

But what makes some apps work better than others? Behavioral science, my area of expertise, can shed some light.

Phone Addiction

Why we need help

Technology is designed to be addictive. And a society that is “mobile dependent” has a hard time spending even minutes away from their app-enabled smartphones.

In 2017, U.S. adults spent an average of three hours and 20 minutes a day using their smartphones and tablets. This is double the amount from just five years ago, according to an annual survey of internet trends. Another survey suggests most of that time is spent on arguably unproductive activities like Facebook, gaming and other types of social media. This addiction has consequences.

The most serious, of course, is when it leads to fatalities, like those that result from distracted driving or even taking selfies.

Learn More-Mobile Phone Terms Explained – SMS, GPRS, GSM Explained

But it also takes a serious toll on our mental health, as my own research has demonstrated. One experiment I conducted with a colleague found that looking at Facebook profiles of people having fun at parties made new college students feel like they didn’t belong. Another study suggested that people who spent more time using social media were less happy.

Ultimately, our phones’ constant connection to the internet – and our constant connection to our phones – means that we miss out on bonding with those that we care about most, lowering everyone’s happiness in the process.

Phone Addiction

Trying to unplug

The good news is that most of us aren’t oblivious to the negative effects of technology and have a strong desire to disconnect.

As you might expect in a market economy, businesses are doing their best to give us what we want. Examples include a Brooklyn-based startup selling bare-bones phones without an internet connection, hotels offering families discounts if they give up their mobiles during their stay, and resorts creating packages built on the idea of creating sacred spaces where consumers leave their devices at home.

And app developers have also risen to the challenge with software aimed at helping us use our phones less.

Goal setting is key

Apple’s screen-time app is a good first step because it shows you how much time you are spending on apps and websites – and possibly raise some red flags. However, many apps go much further.

Research suggests that you should download applications that ask you to set specific goals that are tied to concrete actions. Making commitments upfront can be a powerful motivator, even more so than financial incentives.

For example, Moment asks users to set specific technology-limiting goals tied to their daily actions, such as setting up an alert when you pick up the phone during dinner time. Offtime prompts users with warnings when they are about to exceed the limits for an online activity they’ve set.

Flipd takes it a step further and actually completely blocks certain phone apps once users have exceeded pre-determined targets – even if you try to reset the device – making it the ultimate commitment app. Similarly, Cold Turkey Blocker prevents users from accessing literally any other function of their desktop computers for a certain period of time until they have completed self-set goals, like writing. While this might not affect phone use, it could help you be more productive at work.

Defaults are your friend

Another helpful trait in an application involves configuring default settings to encourage less technology use.

In their award-winning book “Nudge,” Nobel Prize winner Richard Thaler and Harvard law professor Cass Sunstein showed how adjusting the default for a company’s retirement plan – such as by requiring employees to opt out rather than opt in – makes it easier to achieve a goal like saving enough for your golden years.

Your phone’s applications can take advantage of that technique as well. Freedom, for example, is an app that automatically blocks users from visiting “distracting” apps and websites, such as social media and video games. Unfortunately, it is one of the apps that Apple removed from its store.

Ransomly alters the default setting of a room – such as the dining room – to be phone and screen free by using a sensor and app to automatically turn off all devices when they’re in the vicinity.

Rewards and punishments

Offering rewards is another strategy that is grounded in behavioral research.

We tend to highly value rewards earned through effort, even when they have no cash value. Indeed, smartphone software frequently takes advantage of this idea, such as in various apps that offer “badges” for hitting certain daily fitness milestones.

Productivity apps incorporate these rewards as well by providing users with points for prizes – such as shopping discounts and yoga experiences – when they meet their screen-time goals. Since static rewards become demotivating over time, choose an application that provides uncertain and surprising rewards.

An even more powerful motivator than earning rewards can be losing them. That’s because research shows that losing has a larger impact on behavior than winning, so if you’re serious about changing your behavior try an application that incurs critical costs. Examples include Beeminder, which takes US$5 from your credit card for every goal you don’t meet, and Forest, which provides you with the chance to grow a beautiful animated tree – or to watch it slowly wither and die – depending on whether or not you meet your technology goals.

Persistence pays

Persistence is one of the hardest parts of accomplishing any new goal, from losing weight to learning how to cook.

Research suggests that capitalizing on social motivations – like the need to fit in – can encourage persistent behavioral change.

Constant connection to technology undermines happiness, relationships and productivity. Applications that take advantage of the latest insights from behavioral science can help us disconnect and get on with living our lives.


Mobile Phone Terms Explained – SMS, GPRS, GSM Explained

What is 3G

The download speeds surpass that of GPRS many times. Products include video calls, video

messaging plus voice calls and SMS. Multimedia functionality allows you to play music,

send pictures and video clips and play games real time.

What is GPRS

GPRS sits on top of GSM technology and mobile service providers can offer the general

packet radio service to its subscribers as an always on connection rather than the

traditional dial up data connections.

So what are the benefits of GPRS to the user?

For a start its always on, the mobile device will gain an IP address from the DHCP pool

available at each cell, the network will then allow you to exchange data whenever you need

to without having to dial up an authenticate. Practical uses of this allow for swift

recovery of email with frequent pop3 checks of your mailbox and messenger style

applications can work on GPRS too so having MSN on your mobile is possible, although

Symbian messenger and other 3rd party applications are far more common.

What is GSM

The international, pan-European operating standard for the current generation of digital

cellular mobile communications. It enables mobile phones to be used across national


The arrival of GSM technology gave the chance for a different type of data connection one

where data is moved in packets, IP data is already packetised and bytes of info are sent

all round the world in this form everyday

GSM networks are made up of a number of transmitters or cells each of these can have a

range of a few kilometres or just a few hundred meters depending on their proximity to

each other

What is MP3

MP3 stands for MPEG layer 3 audio, MPEG being a form of compression used in both video and

audio, so why compress why not just capture digitally, well its all down to size, in this

case size of captured files a WAV file (the standard for CD) produces massive files which

even with the event of broadband connections are just too big, for example a 1 minute file

equates to 10mb of storage.

What is SMS

Short Message Service (SMS) is a quick and simple way to communicate

short messages via mobile phones, handheld devices, and increasingly even landline

telephones. Commonly known as text messages, SMSes, or even texts the practice has spread

rapidly throughout the world, evident by the fact that 500 billion such messages were sent

in the last year alone.

What is WAP

WAP phones don’t display graphics and the sites only offer text. Typically this is menus

and scrollable lists form which you choose an option and an information list will be


WAP Phone uses can include sending and receiving email, accessing news, weather,

schedules, financial data and the like; all in a mobile environment (like in the middle of

a field) – an advantage the PC can never truly emulate.

What is Bluetooth

Everybody has heard of it, but what is Bluetooth. It’s

a great feature, developed by Sony Ericsson, that enables other Bluetooth devices to

communicate with your mobile phone. It’s great for downloading photos taken with your

mobile to your pc. It’s also invaluable for synchronising your mobile’s calendar and

scheduler features with your PC. Most good mobiles have features that integrate to

Microsoft’s Outlook Express, this enables tasks and events to be entered on the PC then

downloaded at your convenience to the mobile phone.

Another great use is to swap photos and contact numbers with your mates, providing they

also have Bluetooth mobiles, of course.

To connect to the PC requires a “dongle” to be fitted to your PC, usually in the

USB slot, and the software to be installed on your PC. That’s all there is to it.

Source by Martin Burgess

3 Reasons No Contract Cell Phones Are Becoming More Popular

Having a cell phone in place is certainly a necessity of life. However it is no longer necessary to sign-up to the expensive and long-term contracts offered by the different mobile carriers. A common choice for new customers is to look at the availability of pay-as-you-go plans since they offer a variety of benefits. Here are several of the advantages of using the cell phone with no contract –

Less expensive

Pre-paid or pay-as-you-go plans are certain to benefit those hoping to take control of the monthly budget. For the light user who isn’t likely to use the phone excessively for making calls or text messages, a pay-as-you-go plan is certain to offer the most cost-effective option. But, if you do prefer to include a data package with the pre-paid phone, it is possible to get this type of coverage at quite affordable prices. A data package is likely to benefit those likely that see text messages as the most viable form of communication and are expected to send quite a few on a daily basis. A further group that sees a high percentage of users with the pre-paid plans includes the older generation and senior citizens.

Phone models

It wasn’t that long ago that the phones offered with the pre-paid plans included those models at the lower end of the market. But, it is now possible to select many of the latest and feature-packed models with no contract in place. Pre-paid smart phones with QWERTY keyboards and touch screen control are widely available in the market to make sure the latest models are available for those not wishing to sign-up to the long-term contracts.


A further reason for the popularity of the pay-as-you-go phones is the ease in accessing and availability. A cell phone of this type is widely available at kiosks and stores operated by the pre-paid companies, while many manufacturers will have some sort of presence inside some of the major retailers. Many of these stores trade in cheap cell phones with no contracts which are available for immediate purchase and activation.

Even though the pay-as-you-go plan might seem an attractive choice, they might not offer a suitable choice for everyone. A significant issue might relate to having to cover the up-front cost of purchasing the cell phone, which could be quite expensive if looking for the most up-to-date models. Also, these phones aren’t likely to match the needs of those planning on using a high volume of minutes each month or require access to nationwide coverage.

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Why We Need a Mobile App – Building Mobile Apps for WHAT?

Mobile applications are not only for large organizations; today many small or mid-sized companies own their individual mobile applications. The emerging trend of mobile technology involves more than just having a mobile friendly website. The combination of mobile application and business will be the best tool for marketing. In these days, you may interact with many small or mid-scale companies who own their dedicated mobile app. From the coffee shop to travel agencies, companies are gaining business through a mobile app and taking their marketing to next level.

Still, you are not sure why your business needs mobile application; here are some of the top benefits which guide you down the path.

Be always visible

Based on the statistics, an average person spends about two hours in a mobile device. As their usage involves a handful of applications, it will affect the way they scroll or scan the mobile for the applications they are looking for. By this way, the company can be benefited as the human brain unconsciously registers all the icons (with excellent design) it comes across – even if it is unnoticed.

Direct marketing

The mobile app provides common information about the business, prices, booking forms, features, user accounts, business news feeds and much more. The information that companies like to provide for the customers including sales promotions and latest announcements can be instantly added to the mobile app. You can easily get closer to customers through push notification and remind them about products, discounts, offers and services.

Offer value to the customers

The company can provide direct rewards to the customers through the mobile application and it may result in more app download and more return customers.

Build brand awareness among customers

The mobile application is like a billboard you can do what you want with it. The companies can make the mobile app functional and informative for the customers. By adding attractive designs, functions and options that customers love, the companies can build a beautifully designed brand focused application. The more you involve the customers in your application, the sooner they will buy your product or service and therefore, your brand will be popularized among customers.

Enhance customer engagement

Having messaging feature or chat will change the way the customers engage with the application. The chat feature will get the work done within minutes without wasting customer’s time and also improves business.

Stay away from the competitors

Having unified design with interactive graphics and options will make an application stand out from your competitors. Be the first to provide a mobile application for your customers.

Build customer loyalty

As the companies approach the consumers through various forms of advertising, we may lose the impact of customers because of immense advertising. To grow the business, the customer has to build trust among the audience for their product or service. The mobile application will take your business closer to your customers and bring all your business products in handy with simple mobile app.

Think about where you want business

Two major mobile operating system android and apple are still gaining popularity among customers. One who has eye on the current marketing trend in the industry will evidently know that apple is leading in the growth rate of 43.1% to 44.2 % during August 2016 to February 2017, but android is still being the popular mobile operating system among customers. When many apple users had switched to android, the apple launched the website in 2016 to switch the users to iPhone. Recently, it announced the mobile app to move contacts and files from other devices to iPhone. During 2016, android has seen 82.8 % market rate when compared with apple 11.6% market share. Therefore, think wisely and choose the right operating system to launch your new business application.

In United States, more than 190 million people own smartphones. According to the recent survey, Google operating system is losing its customers than its gain. In between April and may, android has lost 52.2 to 54.1% of customers. China is one of the biggest smartphone selling country has seen 30% sales in second quarter of 2016. Samsung is still challenging apple large screen phones. Samsung has lost 4.3 percentage of market share and 5.1 percentages in unit sales during second quarter of 2016. Despite of price or features of android or iPhone, both mobile brands are gaining popularity in the global market.

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The Advantages In Acquiring Real Estate

You might not know them by name but you know they are out there. They stopped you getting the best education, blocked your promotion, or made you look dumb in that meeting that was important. They swiped the girl (or guy) you were crazy about while you turned your head the other way–just for a moment of course–they teased and bullied you when you were a shorty, leaving you with all sorts of chips to shoulder. Remember them? THEY weighted the deck against you.

Have you ever thought of having a Serengeti safari? flat To start with, safari is a word that comes from east Africa’s Swahili language and it means travel . The term Serengeti also comes from the language of a community living in this area called the Masaai . The correct pronunciation should be’siringit’ which means the location where the land runs indefinitely . This refers to the flat plains which make up about a third of the park of Serengeti . The park has the grasslands and savannahs that guarantee it’s always full of animals.

Know the Market. Putting chandigarh real estate of money into repairs might make the home more appealing, but you don’t want to put more money into a home than you’ll have the ability to get back. That’s why it’s important to contact an agent that’s familiar with the regional real estate market to help you out.

It’s a proven fact. Chandigarh Real Estate don’t depreciate in value. It is better to invest into something that will certainly help you grow your money .

Because much of the game is dependent upon your feet, weather conditions in which you’re going to be playing and you’ll want to invest in a pair of football shoes which fits well, is designed for your individual skill level and accommodates the area type. You will want to do your homework first and then invest in the best soccer shoes for your game and you.

Buy a real estate property that is with a view. Households with pleasant views frequently have a higher price than those without perspective. However, if a view is important to you, buy it primarily because of its flavor and not as an investment. Future buyers may not think the exact same way, even if you put a price that is high in view . Perhaps it hard to find a buyer at the time of your property or maybe sell it downs the cost to match others in their own neighborhood . In other words , if you’re currently looking for a real estate with a view, try to pay as little as possible. Otherwise, you may not recover its investment.

Often, window cleaning turns into a chore. That’s because until now we’ve cleaned with everything from shirts that were old, discarded replicas of paper towels, newspaper, and towels. If that is what I needed to work with, I’d board up my windows. But, clean windows are not out of your reach.

Three Benefits That iPhone Application Development Services Can Offer You And Your Business

One of the most commonly used mobile devices today is Apple’s very own iPhone which has proven to be such an effective tool which is often utilized by people who thrive within the world of business. But aside from the mobile features that already come with these devices, people now have the opportunity to consider seeking out iPhone application development services which basically enable people to come up with applications which can further enhance one’s mobile experience.

While there are many outstanding applications that come with the iPhone — features which include email, contact storage, calendar, strong security for personal data and information, and more — there are times when people come up with ideas which can prove to be incredibly useful, especially when it comes to people who are involved in the world of business.

Regardless of what type of business you are into, you might find iPhone application development services to be beneficial to you in more ways than one. Here are three of those benefits:

Customer Convenience

Since a large percentage of people are now making use of Apple’s iPhone technology, it only makes sense for businesses to learn how to provide their customers with more convenience by enabling them to access information regarding products and services that your company offers right from their own mobile devices. More often than not, it can help save your customers time which they will surely value from your company.

Enhance The Experience

While others may think that iPhone applications are nothing more than an application that delivers a certain message, many find that the selection of iPhone applications in access to public actually hold more potential than one would expect. If you are able to acquire iPhone application development services that can provide you with a ground-breaking opportunity to provide your customers with an enhanced mobile experience, you are sure to gain your ticket into a world of opportunities that could easily translate into profit.

Attract New Customers

Nowadays, people can learn about a variety of products and services simply by using their mobile devices. If your company has successfully utilized an iPhone application development service, you should be able to tap into that potential market by merely being one of the applications that are offered to them on their mobile device or even via referrals from other customers who have been satisfied with your application.

There are so many ways that iPhone application development services can help you and your business. If you would like to find out more information on these benefits, you should contact a professional team of application developers to find out more information.

Source by Yaz Morgan

Buy Cheap Clearance Mobile Phone Offers!

Many customers have made use of clearance mobile phone deals. You can get multitude of deals at throw away prices with lots of value-added benefits too. Anyone can get these lucrative deals at amazing discounts and special offers. All that one needs to do is scour through the online dealers and choose the one that suits the personal needs most. A user is assured of attractive deals offered by the top service providers in the UK and own the best handset! It is very easy to have Buy Cheap Clearance Mobile Phone Offers.

What’s more? One can also get mobile phones with innovative features and attractive designs along with these deals. The most sought after clearance mobile phone deals in UK include contract phones, mobiles with free talk time, cheap clearance mobile deals on mobile phone and so on. Anyone can look for the favourite handset and select the deal that suits best.

Literally, everyone owns a mobile phone these days, unlike in the past when it used to be found only with the rich. Today, the mobile phones have become much more affordable and are available with multitude of features. The growing demand for the mobile phones has led to the increase in the number of phones manufactured. Mobile phones are now accessible in affordable prices as they are available with exiting deals. The Clearance Mobile Phone Offers are the latest trends of offers that are available to the consumers. A user can get more information on clearance mobile phones by looking online. You can select handsets at an affordable price.

Yes, now a user can easily get Clearance Mobile Phones at affordable rates. You can get mobile phones offered by the clearance deals with in built features such as camera, music player etc. Besides, this you can also get huge benefits through this clearance mobile phone deals. With Cheap Clearance Contract Mobile Phones, one can get a mobile phone at an affordable price. It is not difficult to get mobile phones at discounted prices. One can get preferred handsets through this deal. Access various benefits such as free talk time, free text messages and various other such benefits. Not everyone can afford the high tech mobile phones due to high prices. You can get mobile phones from top brands such as Nokia, Samsung, Motorola etc. offered under this deal.

Moreover, clearance phones also enable a user to bargain for the latest handsets as well as other attractive discounts. A user can choose from the latest Nokia 5300 XpressMusic, Nokia N-series; Sleek and stylish handsets from LG and Samsung or the K series camera phones from Sony Ericsson! Choose the best.

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How To Buy Perfect Semi-formal Dresses

There’s many people out there who have hit the bong before (you know who you are) and thought later on,”I really shouldn’t have done that. I have a drug test at work in a week. Niacin time!” As soon as you lose your job because of the drug test, you’ll be a bum and won’t need to be concerned about it anymore! You can now experiment with any drug you want, because f*** it, you don’t have anything else at this time. As you go through these trippy journeys of leaves, powders, liquids, and mushrooms, there will not be much to worry about. And of course with all that time you can just lay in bed till you sober up, if needed. Like I said, no worries! Unless.

The scholarships will be awarded with the departmental committees. If you’re selected, you’ll be notified by mail. Just in the event you don’t get any notification, it merely means that your application was not chosen.

All too often we’re in a rush. Running here and there, too busy to slow down. We don’t take the time to honor our Sacred Womb Space. It’s very important that we make time for a simple ritual that will bring us into a new awareness of ourselves as women. Fixing Perv Mom , we can start to travel, exploring the deeper realms of our femaleness. What a joy!

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Concerning food, we’ve got more choices than ever before in history, but one fact has survived since the beginning of time. If you consume more calories than you utilize, you will gain weight. Every diet, regardless of Porn which one you look at, still runs on this principal.

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So there he sat in NYC, staring at a brick wall, and he chose to Kris to not only act on his promptings from there on out, but also to teach the world to act on there is.

How to Select the Best Mobile Payment Application

Mobile point-of-sale (POS) solutions enable merchants to accept credit card payments where it is most convenient for their customers. Mobile payments allow merchants to accept and process credit card payments in the aisle, outside the store or anyplace customers prefer to pay. Small business owners or large enterprise merchants with a mobile sales team or non-traditional storefronts can expand their business and increase revenue by accepting mobile credit card payments using their existing smart phone.

Mobile POS systems are setting a new standard in convenience and are easy to implement and support. Merchants equipped with an iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile or Google Android device can submit, authorize and settle transactions quickly and securely.

Mobile POS systems offer several advantages:

  • Decrease Processing Cost– Merchant can lower their processing cost by using a single merchant account to accept retail and mobile payments.
  • Customer Satisfaction– Improve the customer experience by offering multiple payment options.
  • Flexibility– Mobile transactions allow merchants to take your storefront anywhere you go.
  • Stability and Reliability– Mobile POS software rivals those of the largest e-commerce, trading, and portal Web sites. Mobile POS applications can handle millions of transactions every month.

Lower Entry Cost

Considering that most people would rather lose their wallet than misplace their cell phone, it comes as no surprise that the mobile platform is quickly becoming a new payment option for small business owners. For many, our cell phone never leaves our side. It maintains its place at the dinner table, is easily accessible on your belt clip or in your pocket, and often, somehow it even manages to end up sharing your pillow at night. Today, cost conscience merchants can accept credit card payments without purchase traditional point-of-sale equipment or paying for expensive system customizations.

Market Expansion

Mobile POS solutions are priced for the small business owner and independent sales representative. Merchants can purchase a quality smart phone payment application from $0-$29.95. Questions to ask your mobile payment provider:

· Is the mobile application PCI compliant?

· Does the application support both small and large payments?

· Does the system require a payment gateway service? If so, recognize payment gateways require an additional recurring monthly fee.

· Does the application support swipe and non swipe transactions? Swipe transactions provide lower processing fees.

· What card readers are supported?

· Does the card reader support data encryption?

· Does your system provide online statements for viewing customer transactions?

· What mobile phones are supported?

· Does the system ensure no customer payment information is stored on the cell phone?

· What are all the fees associated with accepting payment?

· How quickly are customer payments funded to the merchant’s bank account?

· What is the license agreement? Specifically can the merchant load the mobile payment application on multiple devices?

We’ll undoubtedly see many mobile application providers come out of the woodwork as the industry matures. However, merchants should look for a mobile payment provider with multiple years of experience in the payment processing industry.

Top Mobile Payment Applications

1. MobileAuthorize (Google Android, BlackBerry, iPhone/iTouch, Windows Mobile)

2. iPayPOS (iPhone)

3. RoadMerchant (BlackBerry)

4. MobileMerchant (iPhone, Windows Mobile)

Source by Ricky Bracken

7 Reasons Why Your Association Needs a Mobile App

Your association strives to bring great value to its members-news and information resources, community management, social networking, opinion research, fundraising, public relations, and so much more. But, if your association is like most, it is delivering its value via email and website at best. While businesses and government organizations are increasingly turning to the power and convenience of mobile technology, only about five percent of associations now offer their members a mobile application.

That seriously needs to change. Mobile technology has grown rapidly and nearly everyone now uses a smartphone to access information. Nothing can connect members to associations more personally or more conveniently than a well-designed smartphone application.

If you are not offering your association members an app, here are seven reasons why you should:

1. Provide Ultra-fast, Easy Access with Mobile App

Mobile applications will enable your members to access news, information, documents, and other resources anytime and anywhere. An app not only increases your accessibility to members, your app can beautifully streamline that access, making information and resources instantaneously available, without cumbersome downloads or web navigation. Even when we are home, we often use our smartphones to stay connected to the people and organizations important to us. Many people don’t want to have to sit in front of a desktop computer to connect. They want to do it quickly and easily in the palm of their hand.

With an app, your association can make it convenient for members to access information while travelling on public transportation, taking a lunch break, or any other time when they can’t access a desktop. Mobility will bring easier access, and easier access brings increased member satisfaction. Increased member satisfaction will ultimately lead to more members for your association.

2. Make Payment of Dues and Donations Easier with a Mobile App

As you know, timing is critically important when it comes to donations and membership purchases. Whenever a member is ready to donate or buy a membership, your app will be handily there, to accept it quickly, easily and securely. Providing a donation button in your smartphone app can help you exponentially grow your fundraising, memberships and sponsorships. We cannot overemphasize the importance of payment convenience. This, alone, is well worth the cost of an app. Using apps, associations can also leverage Apple Pay and Google Pay, making it fast and easy for even small associations to start accepting online payments.

3. Use push notifications to engage members

Members want to be kept informed by their Associations. They want to know the latest news, resources, events or other information that is relevant to them. Mobile application do this very smartly with push notifications. Apps can learn what type of updates a user prefers, then automatically send the user that relevant data when it becomes available. Push notifications allows associations to actively but effortlessly engage members directly and keep them actively interested. Using push notification, you can also prevent members from having to waste time and energy looking for the key information they want and need.

4. Survey your Membership Quickly, Easily and Effectively

These apps are excellent tools for conducting membership surveys. Associations can easily send out surveys in the these apps to capture member comments on important topics of discussions. Because they arrive quickly and is easy and convenient to complete, members will be much more likely to take part in surveys. You won’t have to worry about surveys sitting, undone and forgotten, in members’ email in boxes. They enable you to survey more often and to enjoy greater participation from members.

5. Learn More About Your Membership with a Mobile App

They can give exceptionally detailed information about your members preferences. Although websites can capture limited information about user behavior, These can easily capture analytics such as user time spent on the app, favorite topics and functions, ineffective content, and much more. This data can then be used to tell strategic decisions about association services, marketing, and content.

6. Build a social Network for Members in your Mobile App

An app can give secure, convenient access to all of your association’s members. For many associations, this invaluable resource alone is worth the cost of an app. In addition to enabling members to easily message each other, a built-in social network will provide your association with powerful organizing, sponsorship, advertising and promotional opportunities.

7. Provide Display Ads for Sponsors

Most of the associations prefers an advertisement free app. But if your association needs to quickly monetize a mobile app to afford it, sponsorship display ads are extremely effective. With a little creative thought, you can even sell advertising sponsorships for each section or specific content within your app.

They offer a world of possibilities for associations looking to give value to members. The best part of today’s application development is its ability to build in phases that intelligently control costs. Then, as your membership or resources permit, your association can add new functions and capabilities to its app. As each of these new capabilities are announced, your association’s mobile app will be signalling to members that their association is dynamically moving forward and increasing value.

If your association wants to be seen as an advanced, forward-thinking, effective organization providing invaluable benefits to members, you need to start creating a mobile app strategy.

Source by Piyush Jain